Miss N

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the one and only Nina, from Monochrome and Simone, a few months ago when I started on my mission to empower women to love themselves.

We had previously worked together on a shoot, where she was styling and directing so knew she was an incredible human being with the same body positive belief as me. That’s why when I approached Nina to roll around in the sheets with me (literally) I was super excited when she said yes!

You can read about her experience on her blog, but I also asked her a few questions about the experience.

Why did you initially say yes to a session with me?
Having worked with you shooting other people and having seen your work before, I knew that you have a genuine love for making other woman feel amazing and believe in body diversity and capture it in such a beautiful way.

What had you want to do a boudoir shoot?
I love the sexy and strong element of it, it takes confidence to do but you get so much more confidence from doing it. And I knew you would capture me in the way I wanted to see myself.

How did you feel before and after the shoot?
Before the shoot I felt nervous but elated and so excited.After the shoot I felt amazing and comfortable and like I’d just had a super fun experience.

What’s your favourite part of you?
My face is probably my favourite part of me.

What’s your biggest insecurity?
My biggest insecurity by far is my tummy.

Quote/mantra you live life by?
I remind myself how short life is. I’m the youngest I’ll ever be right now and if I die tomorrow I want to have done things that I want to do.

What’s your biggest body or self-love struggle and how do you combat it?
I occasionally struggle with feelings of “would I be happier if I was smaller”, a feeling that is so drilled in to us. But I remind myself that my body is ever changing and that I am so much more than my physical body. That when my body changes I will still be me, intelligent and kind and funny, and those things don’t fluctuate like my body does. They define me not the size of my thighs.

What does positive body image and self-love meant to you?
It means being able to get on with my life without worrying about conforming to an unrealistic standard. It means that woman are so powerful but so hung up (by ourselves and society) on looks that we stifle ourselves. I believe if we can change that idea we can change the world.

What was the best part?
The actual shoot was SO much fun but I loved actually seeing the photos and peoples reactions to them.

How has it changed you?
It has given me more confidence and rearranged my view on my body.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
It’s ok to not love the way you look but don’t ever hate your body. It's what keeps you here, keeps you standing and doing and being. Learn to love yourself for your qualities not for your looks.

Last question, would you do it again?
In a heartbeat.