The Ultimate Portrait Experience

Our sessions are designed for everyday women of all ages, shapes & sizes who want to reconnect with themselves, feel beautiful and change the way they see themselves.


Enjoy a one-on-one consultation with Jessie, where you will get to design and plan your photo shoot. We will cover everything you need to know and what to bring to help you prepare for the big day!


You will start your day with a pampering makeover with Jamie from Soul Glow Artistry. She will work with you to achieve the look you’d like for your session, whether that is a natural glam look or a full bombshell makeover. Jamie also stays for the session to be your personal touch up assistant.


You will be artfully directed all throughout your photo shoot with simple posing and expression, that will give you more confidence in front of the camera. My promise to you is you will have an incredible experience and leave with a new found confidence and the most incredible portraits you have seen of yourself.


After having a fabulous day filled with laughter, there is no waiting for days on end to see your images. Straight after your session, we will sit down together and look through all of the amazing portraits we created, select your favourites and choose the products you would like to order.

"Working with Jessie was a fantastic experience from the get go. Jessie eased my anxiety about the whole process and I had so much fun on the day of the shoot, my make up looked amazing, my hair, and the choice of outfits was so cool, I had no idea my wardrobe was that flexible! But most of all I walked into that shoot insecure about myself and walked out empowered and focused on being a better me. I am enough." ~ Rebecca M

Why a Portrait Experience?

By treating yourself to a boudoir & beauty session you are taking steps towards:

Learning to BE KIND to yourself ~ we are our own worst critics


Capturing your BEAUTY & GROWTH without needing an excuse

Realising you can be CONFIDENT & SEXY 

Deciding YOU ARE WORTHY of celebrating and pampering yourself ~ just because!

Boudoir & beauty photography is an incredible experience for women of ALL ages, shapes & sizes

If you have ever struggled to feel beautiful or confident, or you want to honour the woman you are and your journey, a luxury portrait experience is the BEST thing you can give to yourself.

Don't let that inner voice stop you from embracing life any longer.  You deserve to finally accept and embrace who you are and your body, and a photo shoot is one of the best ways to help you do this.

"It was so much fun and I would recommend it to anyone. I know I’ll look back on these if I’m blessed enough to get older and slightly saggier, and think how glad I am that I did it. Even now as I look at the photos I can see a new beauty in myself and it gives me a different kind of confidence. We alllll deserve that." ~ Nina S