Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Statement

I am committed to the mission of helping women transform their sense of self-love, confidence and sexual power so that they can stop playing small and live a life overflowing with purpose, pleasure and passion.

The tools, coaching, and perspectives I share are intended to be used by people of all body sizes and identities, abilities, ages, cultural backgrounds, races, ethnicities, classes, sexual orientations, and/or religious affiliations. My work is directed toward women, but I welcome the contributions and perspectives of people of all gender identifications. 

This statement is a public commitment to this mission and my values. I identify as a white, cisgendered, and able-bodied woman of European heritage occupying land stolen from the Maori people, now known as Auckland. My pronouns are she/her. 

The core values of my life and business include safety + inclusion, intimacy + connection, empathy + connection and authentic curiosity + honesty. I believe that safety and inclusion precedes them all because the others are not possible without it. In both my individual and group work, I believe that growth and healing is enhanced by the creativity, empowerment, and understanding that comes from experiencing the perspectives of different cultures, backgrounds, and realities. And I seek partners, collaborators, and clients who share this belief.

While no space can be 100% safe because we all have blind spots, safety is different for everyone, and true safety can only be sourced from within - I am committed to continually create inclusive and safe spaces to the best of my ability in all of my work.

The tools, coaching, and insight that I share is a result of my own lived experience, and I acknowledge my own limitation in being able to represent the experiences of those with marginalised identities. I also acknowledge that my own dismantling of inherent bias is an ongoing process, and I commit to continuing my education, learning in public, and growing in understanding and awareness.

I recognise that people often face socio-economic barriers to receiving coaching support, so I offer partial and full scholarships to all events, as well as a sliding scale payment system for 1-on-1 coaching for folks with historically marginalised and targeted identities. To express your interest or to be informed of when these opportunities are available, please contact me here

If you have any questions or suggestions for this statement please share them with me, you can do that by emailing me directly at hello@jessiemaree.com

*This statement was last revised and updated in August 2021