• sick of self-hate and ready to love yourself
  • wanting to erase your doubt and tap into your personal power
  • struggling to embrace your authentic self...

...this doesn’t have to be your path.

You don't have to struggle any longer

I understand the struggle, because I was in your shoes a few years ago. However, I know you can live a life filled with vibrancy, aliveness, pleasure, purpose and passion. I want this for you. BUT YOU HAVE TO WANT IT FOR YOURSELF.

Hi! I’m Jessie

My mission is to empower women who are ready to release their fears; explore their sexual power, transform their self-love & ignite their passions. This allows them to express their desires fully and confidently so they can stop playing small, step into their power and live a life overflowing with purpose, pleasure and aliveness.

Your Guide to Pleasure

Use this guide to reconnect, deepen and explore your most radiant, pleasure-filled self.

I used to be very judgemental of others because I was unhappy with myself and envious of those who unapologetically lived their authentic lives. I was the “good girl”, the people pleaser and never did anything seen as taboo or bad. I would never rebel because I was afraid of what others would think. 

After leaving school, I did what was seen as the right thing to do. I went to university and got a degree in Photography. However, I worked in hospitality, not living up to my full potential. For years I lived a small life, not knowing what was possible for me. Until, at 23, I took a leap of faith and invested in my first personal development course. It changed the direction of my life. 

I started to rewrite the stories I had made up that were keeping me playing small. I found the confidence to start walking the path towards a life where I got to make a difference with others.  I discovered I was really passionate about empowering other women to love themselves and that was when Love Me True was born. It gave me the ability to work passionately to show women their unique beauty, and help them live empowered lives through photographing them, and through the experience they had in front of the camera.

As part of my own personal journey, I started reflecting inward. I had to admit to myself that I was repressed sexually. I was in the closet. Coming to terms with who I truly am, I navigated slut-shaming, mental health issues (still managing depression), body confidence, exploring non-monogamy, kink, my queerness, and desires that are typically seen as taboo.

Here’s what I learnt through my self-love journey: playing small and living a life that isn’t authentic, it feeds on your fear of not being good enough, worthy or loveable. It eats away at your trueness and denies you the deep belonging. It destroys the opportunity for an intimate connection with yourself and others.

But I have good news! You have the ability to rewrite your story, harness your power and step into the most empowered version of yourself.

You have the power and tools inside you to create a life by your own rules. I will assist you to let go of fears, blocks, doubt and insecurity so you can be your best, badass self. 

My goal is to empower women to create a life they love, to access unapologetic self-expression and celebrate their uniqueness.

Jessie Maree | Photographer and Sex Coach

Cat Mum, Baby Witch, Tea Lover, Magpie to all things shiny...

"I believe we deserve to feel empowered in every aspect of our lives – and it’s my mission to make sure that happens."

Jessie Maree ♥

Fun Facts About Jessie Maree
  • I have a cat named Aphrodite after the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure & passion
  • Currently I have 7 tattoos (and want so many more)
  • When I get super passionate about something I tend to talk fast and swear A LOT
  • My heart is happiest when I am dancing! I love feeling into the music and moving my body
  • I much prefer Autumn or Winter temperatures (I burn far too easily in Summer), but LOVE the Summer fruits we get here in New Zealand
  • The ocean calms my soul. I love standing on the beach with my feet in the water as it allows me to breathe and come back to myself
  • My favourite place I’ve travelled to was Japan!
  • I am a witch – I love rituals, crystals, connecting with nature
  • I am sex positive and kink-friendly (having been in the BDSM scene for 7 years now).

Professional Bio

Jessie Rolton is a qualified photographer and life coach for women who are ready to transform their relationship with themselves and live an abundant, pleasure-filled life.

Through photography, coaching and speaking, Jessie empowers women to embrace their true selves, gain confidence and create a life full of self-love.

Jessie has a BDVA in Photography and is a graduate of Beautiful You Coaching Academy. She is passionate about encouraging women to express themselves authentically and unapologetically in every aspect of life.

Jessie lives by the beach in Auckland, New Zealand – but also travels nationally & internationally to speak, hold workshops and photograph women around the world.

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My Business Values

  • Safety & Inclusion (I strive to create safe spaces in all my offerings for people of all backgrounds. Please refer to my DEI statement below)
  • Intimacy & connection (I create spaces where everyone feels seen, heard, loved and accepted)
  • Empathy & compassion (I will navigate conversations & interactions with complete openness and no judgement)
  • Authentic curiosity & honesty (I will have continued curiosity in my personal journey to discover new truths and be fully transparent in my growth)
  • My personal values are authenticity, connection, integrity, growth and service.