Frequently Asked Questions

I am committed to the mission of helping women transform their sense of self-love, confidence and sexual power so that they can stop playing small and live a life overflowing with purpose, pleasure and passion.

I understand is can be difficult to make that first call. I have put together a collection of my most asked Coaching and Photography questions below to help you gain the confidence to get in touch.

Coaching FAQs

What is sex & confidence coaching?

Sex Coaching is a non-touch, client focused, goal oriented and personalised sex education. It is about taking you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future. I use positive language and empower you to move forward. I will work side by side with you and bring the information and support to remove limiting beliefs and reframe and restructure old negative thoughts, emotions or patterns. I look at you as a whole person and nourish all of you, body, mind and soul. It involves mental reframing, emotional balancing and initiative guidance.

What is the difference between Sex Coaching and Therapy?

While sex coaching may be therapeutic, it is not therapy.

Coaching is focusing on the present and moving forward. Therapy is based on the past and learning or healing from it.

Coaching is centred around education and development. This enables you to grow and transition into your next phase of life. Therapy is focused on diagnosable illnesses in a medical or clinical context.

Coaching is focused on outcome and results in the outer world. Therapy is focused on processing your feelings and your inner world.

The coach is responsible for the process, you are responsible for your results. In therapy, only the therapist is responsible for the process and the results.

Sex Coaching is all about your dreams, goals and wants. It should be fun, exciting and you should enjoy the coaching process.

What can a sex & confidence coach do?

As a sex coach, I will work with you to define the problem or concerns and then develop a plan with action steps how to help you solve the problem. Talk-based coaching can solve problems around communication difficulties, sexual orientation, sex and ageing, exploration of fantasies, fetishes, kinks or BDSM, sexual dysfunction, problems around dating, open relationships, low self-esteem, sexless relationships and low or no desire for sex.

Most of the time our body reacts in a way due to our limiting believes that are in the way we think or feel about sex. A sex coach will guide you to remove blockages and clearing obstacles that are in the way for the client to have the sex they want.

Where do we start and is there anything I need to prepare before the consultation call?

Before your call I will send you a short questionnaire to fill out that will help both of us identify what your goals are, & gain clarity on the blocks that are standing in your way. From here, we will easily be able to see the best place for us to begin. 

If you don’t know what’s blocking you or how you would like things to be. Often, people come onto my consultation calls not knowing these things. They just know they want things to be different. That’s totally ok! That’s what I’m here for. I’ll meet you exactly where you are at.

What happens during coaching?

I will create a safe space where you can be fully comfortable being exactly who you are and express yourself. 

Together we will identify your sexual concerns, where you are stuck and your Sex Coaching goals. Together we will discuss potential approaches and action steps to reach your goal and create a personalised coaching plan.

You will receive a take-away assignment to complete between the sessions to keep you on track and move you towards your goal as fast as possible. It could be practical exercises, books to read, videos to watch or things to reflect on and journal about. These exercises may be fun activities to promote growth, or to disempower unhelpful behavioural patterns. Each subsequent session starts with a recap and review of the work you’ve undertaken between the sessions. As you learn new ways of thinking, controlling what you are feeling or new sexual skills, I will support you and make sure you bring those skills into your life and celebrate you in the process.

How much time commitment per week is coaching?

Outside our coaching calls this can differ for each client. Some of my clients get exactly what they need from our session, a voice message, & a few short (under 5 minutes) practices each week. Other clients like to communicate with me daily & go deeper into 15-40 minute practices. We will work together, to understand what fits best for you and your capacity.

Photography FAQs

I'm not a model or photogenic, is this for me?

Oh beautiful! This experience is for everyBODY, age, shape or size. My specialty is photographing WOMEN - It is my job to make you look amazing in photographs. I will look after you and direct you every step of the way, from helping you to prepare for your photoshoot with wardrobe tips, to posing every inch of you, to coaching your breathing through the session. You just need to show up and TRUST ME.

Do you share my images on the internet / website / blog / portfolio?

I would LOVE to use images from your shoot to show how amazing you look. However, I totally understand if you are uncomfortable sharing them. That said, I will not share them unless you grant me permission. The bottom line is: I will honour whatever level of privacy you would like. There are different levels of sharing too. You can choose just to share in my private group. You can choose to share publicly. Or you can keep your images completely private. Just let me know where you stand on the topic and I will honour your wishes!

Do you photoshop the images?

While I make the skin look its best, I keep the "Photoshop" action minimal. I use strategic poses and angles to play down "problem" areas. I WILL edit out minor blemishes/skin flaws as well as simple things like under-eye circles and small scars (IF you request the scar-removal). My main rule of thumb is, if it’s permanent, it stays. Tattoos included. Bottom line – I will work with what you’ve got and prove to you that you ARE BEAUTIFUL and these will be the best set of photos you have of yourself! My post-processing techniques are more focused on colour, contrast, skin perfecting, sharpening, etc, rather than body morphing.

Where does the session take place?

Your custom session will take place in my beautiful home studio in Orewa. Have you got some location you are DYING to shoot at? I love on-location sessions, however scheduling will need to be done a little further in advance and is available at a small additional fee. Just ask!

What is the cost to book a photo shoot?

Your session fee is $690 which includes style & concept consultation, professional hair & makeup artistry, fully guided & stylised photo shoot, full image retouching, same-day reveal & ordering session, plus $500 credit to use towards portraits. Photos & products are sold separately.

How much do your clients typically spend on portraits?

All of my sessions are custom designed for how you want to be photographed. The same goes for our gorgeous heirloom quality products, so prices vary depending on your preference. Clients can spend anything from $2,500 or more depending on how many images you love and the products you would like. What you buy is always your choice!

This is a big investment. Can I pay in instalments?

Yes of course! Pre-payment plans are the best way to pay for your photo shoot, where you pre-select your preferred package that then gives you incredible pre-paid BONUSES. I also have finance options via Finance Now, with terms ranging from 12, 18 or 24 months that includes 6 months interest free (subject to approval).

I just want digital photos. Can you do this?

Prices are the same whether you’d like print only or digital only. I combine print / digital together, so you will receive the matching digital image in the print size you purchase for each portrait you buy. Our beautiful legacy products come with matching digital images. You will receive the matching digital image of the print size you purchase.

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