Jessie Maree ~ Sex & Confidence coach + empowerment photographer

Empowering all women to love who they are through a transformative experience ♥

Love Yourself | Jessie Maree Boudoir Photography | Auckland

Based in Auckland, New Zealand – traveling nationally & internationally to coach and photograph women around the world.

Transform your sense of self-love, confidence and sexual power.

Stop Play Small | Jessie Maree Boudoir Photography

Live a life overflowing with purpose, pleasure and passion.

Meet Jessie Maree

I use coaching and photography to help women transform themselves and achieve their deepest desires.

Working with me, whether in coaching, a photo shoot or a combination of both, is an opportunity to draw upon your vulnerable and sensual sides, to push your edges past your comfort zone, and to discover what you are made of when you let your guard down.

Jessie Maree | Jessie Maree Photographer
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