Claire - Love Me True Series

January 25, 2021
What a powerful goddess you are Claire! I loved the deep and powerful conversations we had during your photoshoot. It was an honour to also get to see how you work with Craniosacral therapy, your work is much needed and will help heal women. Keep being authentic to your jour...
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Kiley - Love Me True Series

November 10, 2020
Darling Kiley! I am so glad you decided to take part in this campaign, even though you were nervous. Your courage shines bright and am so glad it lead you to start walking your true path. You deserver every happiness xx...
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Vy - Love Me True Series

October 14, 2020
Vy, you were so full of fun and happiness when you came for your shoot. It was so lovely getting to play dress with the flapper outfit and do something that sparked real joy. Thank you for allowing me to photograph you and wish you much success in your future....
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Oh my, Hannah. What can I say? Your story brought tears to my eyes the first time I read it and still does. I absolutely LOVED meeting you and having the privilege of showing you, how truly beautiful, strong and amazing you are. Thank you for being so open and vulnerable and...
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I know what it’s like to be a woman who struggles to see her own beauty and power. For years I wrestled with my body image, my self-value and the biggest one “I’m not good enough”. Caught up in my own mind games of not looking how my friends looked or how girls in ma...
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Last year I took up the opportunity to be a part of the Very Vintage Day out and sponsored the winner of Miss Picture Perfect with a photo session. I had the privilege of photographing the ever beautiful Miss Corsair Debonair as the winner. ...
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Boudoir photography has been around for years and I often get asked “but why would I have a boudoir session?” Usually women who are intimidated or nervous about the idea but also curious and excited about having a unique, empowering experience ask this question.My answer...
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Miss A

May 18, 2018
Women struggle with body confidence every-day. Learning how to embrace the wonders of your own body can be really challenging and also very rewarding.This is why I was so pleased to meet and have the honour of photographing the beautiful Antonia. She came to me to appreciate...
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Miss N

October 18, 2017
I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the one and only Nina, from Monochrome and Simone, a few months ago when I started on my mission to empower women to love themselves.We had previously worked together on a shoot, where she was styling and directing so knew she was...
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Miss S

September 19, 2017
I meet Sarita at a talent-training day, where I photograph the new talents headshots for the agency. We clicked straight away and had some amazing conversations about bodies, sex and self –confidence. Sarita also has an amazing business as a Somatic Sex Educator.A few week...
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