How to use Pinterest for your photo shoot

Pinterest is my go to for any kind of inspiration and if you aren’t using it you are seriously missing out.  I have boards for my style (well the style I would love to have one day), creative projects I want to do, my own photography, things that motivate me and wayyyyy more. I am a visual person and Pinterest allows me to collate all things “me” visually.

One of the first things I ask my clients, from personal branding through to boudoir, is if they have a pinterest board for their shoot and usually it’s a no. That’s when I give them some homework.
This is the homework task I assign (it’s fun I promise, you may even get addicted): 

  • Log into Pinterest. If you haven’t created a Pinterest account, do it. You can thank me later.
  • Create a “secret” board and title it “My Photoshoot”. This a board you can then pin ANYTHING you want without the public seeing what you’ve put in there.
  • Invite me to the board (jessiemareeco) so I can see what sort of style you like and want to achieve.
  • Then, start pinning! Search on Pinterest for keywords appropriate to you session (boudoir, personal branding etc) and pin images you are drawn to on your secret board.Don’t think too much about it, just pin images that make you say “I LOOVVVEEEE that!”
  • Once you start going through the millions of images, you’ll start to realise which ones you like more and you can try some more specific search terms like “moody boudoir” or “colourful branding” or “elegant glamour” etc etc. Keep it up until you have at least 50 images pinned to your board.

The purpose of this task isn’t to find images to replicate. It does a couple of things 1) It will start you really thinking about your shoot and what you want to achieve as well as getting you super excited. 2) It gives me an idea of what images you are drawn to. Do you like more colourful images, or maybe dark and seductive? Do you like full body or details? This is really helpful leading up to your shoot.

Here’s a sneak peak at my secret board for my style:

By looking at this very briefly, it’s obvious I am more of a rock/goth chic kinda girl at heart and love black.

Sounds like fun right? Go ahead and create your own secret board (even if you aren’t planning a shoot RIGHT now) and you can even invite me to it. It may spark some inspiration and find you are ready to shoot sooner than you realised.