Why Online Coaching is Awesome!

Remote coaching is the way of the future! Here’s just a few reasons why remote coaching is not only just as good as in-person coaching, but it might even be better. 

We can connect any time

Within reason of course, I gotta sleep some time! But online video chatting has unlocked opportunities for those that could not have accessed them before. Having time is a luxury these days, unfortunately. If you’ve got kids or a busy work schedule, you know what I’m talking about. Being able to get what you need from the comfort of your own home or office is important. You can roll out of bed and into an empowering, inspiring coaching session. 

We can connect from anywhere

Not just from bed (though I highly encourage it), online coaching also means we can connect if you’re overseas or not in Auckland, where I’m based. I love working with people from outside of Auckland and New Zealand to discover their passions and live their most authentic lives!

It’s basically the same

I will admit, I had my reservations about shifting towards more online based coaching, but it really works! We can still chat about your goals and pain points just the same as we would in person or on the phone. I have clients in Australia and they can attest to that fact! No more worries about traffic either. Phew!

This could be the way of the future

In the times we’re living in, lockdowns are becoming a regular part of life. Having to stay inside your bubble or not leave your house at all is causing major changes for everyone – not just emotionally either. All of the in-person events you could normally attend are now either cancelled or moving online. This is probably going to be the new normal, at least for the next few years. Leaving your goals until things “get better” and we can go back to being within two metres of each other might not be the best option because the uncertainty is ongoing. 

Feels safe and familiar

Sometimes, talking to someone through a screen, who is a little further away can be freeing. It can open you up a bit more when you’re not faced with staring eyes and unfamiliar locations. Being in your own home is a comfort that can help people unpack some of the more difficult issues they face. It feels safe, especially when you can log off and disengage at any point. Having that option there often makes people more comfortable.


I am super excited to begin an online coaching journey with you! Don’t leave your dreams and goals until we’re not in a pandemic. If it’s possible, we’ll make it happen.