Owning my story thus far

What a wild ride we have been on so far this year and it’s not about to change anytime soon. I thought if there was ever a time to tell you my own story, it would be now! 

While everything is all over the place, finding our new normal in the world is causing a lot of inward reflection. I thought, why not be vulnerable and share my new truths?

But where do I even start?

There are some things I have been dealing with and I like to think I am rather open and honest about it all. Seeing as I am on a journey to become, not “just a photographer”, but a women’s empowerment coach who uses photography as one of my tools, I am realising the power of owning my story. I am using my vulnerability and authenticity to inspire others to do the same.

So, what the hell am I on about?

Well, firstly, I am bi-sexual, or rather pan-sexual. To me, this means I am attracted to the person regardless of their sex or gender identity. I have known this for years, but having been in monogamous, straight relationships, my sexuality was questioned by others. Hell, I even questioned it myself! But in 2019, I left a relationship to be true to myself and haven’t looked back. 

Secondly, I am non-monogamous or polyamorous. This means I can date multiple people and am able to have more than one committed relationship if I choose to. After years of being in monogamous relationships and liking other people at the same time, I decided that I would explore an alternative relationship style and it works for me. My 'life partner' and I are still new to what it looks like and are working through emotions. Unsurprisingly, jealousy and unlearning conditioning is hard work, but we enjoy it. We thrive in this lifestyle and so do our other partners.

Lastly, (for now) I am a kinkster or someone into BDSM. I have been exploring this part of myself for the better part of 7 years and working through what excites me. Without going into the whole journey, I consider myself somewhat of a ‘brat’ – although I struggled with that term for a long time as I used to find the term ‘brat’ negative. As I learnt more, I found that when used consensually, it’s a lot of fun. I adore shibari, primal, predicament and some forms of edge play. These bring out a side of me that allows complete surrender to my baser instincts and feelings. It helps me switch off my busy mind, allowing complete release, and an amazing balance of pleasure and pain to co-exist.

Why share this now?

Well I'm nearly at the end of my coaching training and have been exploring where I want to go from here, and what I want to offer as a coach and photographer. The more I explore, the more I am drawn to coaching women to transform their self-love, confidence and sexual power. It feels right, to be honest, to come out of the closet and share what makes me, well… me.

I hope that in sharing this, it creates a safe space for other women to start walking their path and be authentically themselves. 

Whatever you might be struggling with right now, know that it will not end you.

Whatever truth you might not have told yet, know that you are strong and worthy and you will tell it when you are ready.

Whatever dream you are dreaming up, know that you can (or at least start to) make it come true, EVEN in the middle of a pandemic.

If you are ready to step into your own story or if you need support around your self-love, confidence or sexuality, I am here for you.